High Praise from Hi-Fi World:

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" I can state that these two CDs are the best-sounding examples of a 16/44.1 recording I've ever heard. "
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Our CD Is Superior To Vinyl

Read what our vinyl mastering engineer said after he heard the master; hear what he heard by playing the Master's Match disc!

Mastering Engineers Handbook © 2000 cites David Cheppa as a vinyl cutting veteran authority with more than 120,000 sides to his credit having cut for every major artist, label and production company.

"....then, there is this which is probably one of the finest blends of art, science, and technology I've seen. Exhibit Records has created a composite culture containing a most enduring and endearing recording."

"...it is simply a dream to listen to the result of this high art as it is portrayed in a most satisfying and enjoyable way."

"...I am speechless as I describe what can only be termed an Unrepeatable Miracle! It is the sort of recording crystallized in a moment of time, never to be repeated."

"...Without comparing, I would say this is what Blue Note© has sought to achieve in it's fondest dreams."

".... it is one of my greater pleasures and ultimately an honor to be a part of such an exceptional project."

" Anyone who wants to appreciate the result of the most exacting, and listener friendly and compelling **recordings to be released in the past decade---this is it!"

**recordings of balanced elements mixed to sonic perfection

Exhibit Records Captures
2010 Graphic Design USA Award

Congratulations to Bob Wynne from Wynne Graphics for receiving the AMERICAN PACKAGE DESIGN AWARD for his work on the Exhibit Records Master's Match Audiophile Series packaging. The award was presented to Bob at the end of January by Graphic Design USA publisher, Gordon Kaye and Awards Director, Rachel Goldberg.

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