Exhibit Records produces remastered versions of classic recordings from all eras. We also present new artists and exciting original music that enthralls and inspires us. It's been famously stated, "...there's only two kinds of music, good or bad" and Exhibit Records subscribes to this Duke Ellington analyses in that our releases are gathered from all genres. Over a period of time our recordings will reveal a clear nexus among our diverse repertoire, a rich melting pot of the finest recordings. We follow the bloodline of jazz derived from the blues with influences from country and folk music that resulted in the birth of rock and roll.

Each Exhibit Records release is a unique piece of art that stimulates the senses through sound, sight and touch. We work from the best available original masters. Our recordings are remastered by highly regarded engineers who have provided many of the best sounding new and reissued recordings over the years. Our associated pressing plants are recognized for their high standards and skilled work - the vinyl releases are manufactured to the closest cutting tolerances possible and our CDs are produced under the strictest quality controls. Our graphics honor the evocative and intriguing nature of the original artwork and occasionally include additional liner notes, historical information and fresh images. The packages are designed by award winning graphic artists and art directors. Our deluxe gatefold and single record jackets are manufactured by state-of-the-art printers using durable, thick cardboard and luxurious finishes that will last forever. The quality is evident the moment you pick-up one of these jackets. The vinyl is secured in top-quality inner sleeves. The compact discs are enclosed in creative containers.

Our sound recordings are primarily available on vinyl, yet our critically acclaimed series of Master's Match recordings include both a 180g vinyl record and a CD in each package. Regardless whether the format is CD, SACD or vinyl, Exhibit Records promises an exceptional realistic listening experience!

Exhibit Records Master's Match Audiophile Series
The Art of Sound Recording

The Exhibit Records Master's Match Audiophile Series recordings capture with complete accuracy all of the musical energy and dynamics of the original performances. The replication of our Master's Match compact discs and 180g virgin vinyl LPs have been crafted to provide a listening experience identical to listening to the master itself. Because the AudioXact™ system employs the minimal amount of equipment in recording and an independently developed procedure in mastering, it enables the listener to get to hear the real thing despite recording and playback barriers, the very spirit of life sized musicians playing life sized instruments with imperceptible distortion, and all that entail. Many have made similar claims. But only Master's Match AudioXact™ is successful in the CDs 30 year history. In fact, it is the most "truthful" carrier of recorded music ever.

There is no need to hear our recordings on expensive stereo equipment to appreciate their sonic brilliance. The AudioXact™ process allows precise reproduction on every type of playback system. Producer, K.K. Wong developed the AudioXact™ system and has initiated quality control standards where special care in recording, mastering, replication, packaging, shipment and storage, yield the finest recordings. All master recordings endure severe listening evaluations. Inspection data is scrutinized by a human inspector on a daily basis. The fine people who produce the Exhibit Records Master's Match Audiophile Series AudioXact™ recordings understand that their attitude makes them the most important key to a high quality listening experience for you.

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